All our wines have one characteristic in common: purity. Each wine is produced from the bunches of one type of grape so that impurities and external elements are totally avoided.
By doing so we enhance the characteristics of the terroir in a unique blend, which originates from the combination of climate, soil, and viniculture.
Our production comes mainly from autochthonous grapes: Pugnitello, Foglia Tonda, Canaiolo, Colorino. Our wine is biodynamic and pure, it expresses our care about the nature from which it originates.

Today, after several years since the establishment of the farm, we produce following labels: “Mor di Roccia”, “2 Venti”, “Colpo di dadi”, “Ironista”, “Follia à Deux”, “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang“. Please note that due our small production some labels could be not always available.


By clicking a wine you’ll be able to read a short description of each wine and to have more details about vintage, harvest, vinification, soil type etc. Choose pure, natural Tuscan wine that matches your taste!

We’re passionate about natural, elegant wines as well as about good food. If you have any question about a food pairing with one of our wines, please write us a message: we’ll be happy to give you an advice!

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