There are still so many doubts about natural wines, as natural is a synonym for lacking of quality. Vinnatur (Associazione Viticoltori Naturali) gathers all of those organic certified winemakers whose demonstrate that ethics sides with important, competitive wines. To date, also Podere Anima Mundi, a winery from Lari that is specialised in varietal, organic winemaking, chose to guarantee its work even more through that association. Being a member of Vinnatur means to have successfully passed a tasting test, some specifical analysis and to demonstrate that your work is coherent with your philosophy. A choice done to take down prejudices about organic wines.

To say that you produce organic wine and then literally doing it is often not sufficient to guarantee its quality. Promoting together the culture of organic wine thanks to an association means to do it with bigger strength and that you don’t have to explain your own work every time, cause just saying Vinnatur is already a contact card that tells everything about you.

Now, also the wines produced by Podere Anima Mundi are part of credibility and actions of that association, confirming also this concept from July 2018, when this winery will obtain the official organic certification. If you are part of those who are sceptical, take this advice: do a blind tasting of the wines produced by Podere Anima Mundi and see how being natural will become the last of your thoughts thanks to the pleasure that they will give to your senses.


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