We will accompany you on a walkin the nature, discovering the vineyards and the farm. Wel’ll explain the methods about the production of our biodynamic wines, concluding with a guided wine-tasting anf food and wine pairing with local products from the Tuscan tradition. Enjoy the tour!

Wine and food: we like them local
The best way to sample a wine and recognize its potential is certainly taste it with food. In this second-last stage of the tour, we welcome you into the tasting room where you can get to know our wines through taste and smell, accompanying the tasting experience with typical products of the Tuscan tradition.

Through the senses: use them!
We will guide you in this sensory approach to wine, explaining their different features and the best food and wine pairing.

The cost of Anima Mundi tour is € 20 per person and includes:

• guided tour of the vineyards and the farm (with sunny weather!);
• tasting of Anima Mundi wines with local products;
• discount of 5% on the purchase of our wines at the farm;
• 15% discount on SPA ticket Terme di Casciana.

Booking in advance is always required. Contact us!

Phone: +39 345 277 62 27


You can buy our wines online! We deliver within Europe.


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