The Anima Mundi vineyards occupy 4 out of 17 hectares of our farm: for each of them we have chosen the best plot of land, in respect of the biodiversity and the exigencies of the plant.
After “Pugnitello” and “Foglia Tonda”,we are now introducing the grape “Colorino del Valdarno”.

A part of our vineyard called “2 Venti” is dedicated to the cultivation of “Colorino”, named after the distinguishing colour given to the wine by its production procedure.

“Colorino del Valdarno”: some historical information

This grape variety was first cultivated in the provinces of Arezzo, Firenze, and Siena although nowadays it can also be found in other Italian regions, such as Umbria, Marche, Lazio, and Liguria.

In the past, “Colorino” was fundamental in the production of the Chianti wine (with the so-called governo method), for its high sugar content and its giving the wine a characteristic dark garnet red colour.
Because of the scarcity of its production, in the 1960s the farmers started to be less and less interested in “Colorino” and replaced it with grapes which produced much more fruits.

What are the characteristics of “Colorino?

“Colorino” has small/medium-sized, winged, variably dense bunches of conical shape. The grapes, small/medium-sized as well, are spherical and abundantly covered with wax (pruina). It is a quite rigorous vineyard, with a constant production, which is interestingly resistant to parasitic diseases and very sensitive to iodine.

The “Colorino” wine has an intense colour, similar to the beet’s, with good alcohol content and very structured. The tasting experience gives, by smelling, an immediate scent – with essences of earth and of linden. In the mouth, it is full body and smooth, with a fruity aftertaste.

What does “Colorino” match well with?

For gourmands and curious customers! “Colorino” matches very well with any dish: from first courses with ragù to red meats, not too elaborated – but also with cheeses and seasoned cold cuts.