“The difficulty of producing a monovarietal wine is that every shade of its nectar is raw and unmistakable. Its productive process has to be followed from the beginning till the end: no impurity, no blend, a single variety for every bottle.”

Who’s talking is Marta Sierota from Pisa’s hills, owner of Podere Anima Mundi. She fell in love with this small area of Tuscany, where she decided to make her dream come true. And her keyword is “pure”.

3 labels, 3 monovarietal wines: Foglia Tonda, Pugnitello e Colorino

Two are the labels available in the market after only 6 years, when Marta and her family adopted these vineyards: Mor di Roccia (100% Foglia Tonda) and 2 Venti (100% Pugnitello). While Colorino del Valdarno (100% Colorino), the third wine, will be on sale from September 2017.

All of them reflect their respective vineyards, being peculiar and the result of a maniacal care of the soil which hosts them. It’s a not foregone, prestigious and qualitative project. A biodynamic production that is influenced by the near sea, which donates Mediterranean aromas and minerality to these elegant, prestigious wines. Their natural yeasts spontaneously start fermentation, then they are aged in french oak barriques.


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